GIT [ ‘VCS’ through which Testers can Depict the BUG and Dev can Fix the BUG! ] GITHUB [Code-Hosting platform with lots of integrated features].

Thinking about How to Add Files to Github Repo? Want to know how to collaborate with Team? Want to add Awesome intro for your profile…

Hey! Dev, 👁️🐝Ⓜ️𝓮𝓻 here!! shout out to all 2020 Grads.

Hope you are doing well and made this pandemic productive!! This personal blog is all about how pandemic effected 2020 grads joining. Yeah!! me as well even after bagging 4 offers[Note: Offers are safe but joining was delayed]. ^_^


Hey!! you are Lazy coder and do things in an optimized manner?, here you go with major shortcuts to access “VISUAL STUDIO CODE” in an Optimistic way!! :)

Being Web developer “VS Code” changed my life with tons of features like fast, extensible, customizable and what not!!. …

Kona Venkata Sai Lakshmi

IBMer || Lazy Programmer | Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast | Tech Blogger | Sketcher ||

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